A Bed & Breakfast on Private Yachts


Stunning sunset behind the bow of Merry Berry

The story of Dockside Boat & Bed begins before we even opened our doors in Spring of 1999 in Long Beach.  Our story begins in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989.

Rob Harris was an advertising executive with a passion for travel and boats.  He saw marinas filled with beautiful boats that rarely saw any use.  Thus an idea was born; rent out privately owned boats to the public as a bed and breakfast.  After running two successful locations in Oakland and San Francisco, a third location was opened by his daughter, Kim and her husband Kent

in March of 1999.

As avid boaters, Kim and Kent enjoy sharing their passion for the water with their guests.  It's not just an experience - it's a lifestyle.  Together, they strive to offer a welcoming and relaxing retreat and often think of their guests as friends.  When not on the dock, they also enjoy the company of their little crew mates, Carter & Cooper.