Boat Owners
Do you or someone you know have a boat that you are not using as much as you like?  Are you looking for a creative way to help offset your ownership costs, while still enjoying your boat? 

Our fleet of boats at Dockside Boat & Bed are all individually owned.  Owners are still responsible for their basic ownership costs (rent, insurance, normal maintenance, etc.) and then receive a portion of the proceeds from bed & breakfast overnight stays.  The boats remain dockside, so there is no mechanical wear & tear or hours put on engines. 

Dockside Boat & Bed staff handles all facets of the bed & breakfast; from reservations to housekeeping and amenities.  With over 14 years in business in Long Beach, Dockside Boat & Bed enjoys a high occupancy rate and a loyal return customer base.

Please contact Kim or Kent at 562-436-3111 for more information about joining our fleet.
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